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8 foods for Constipation

Top 8 foods that act as natural laxatives

  1. Flax seeds
  2. Psyllium Husk
  3. Figs
  4. Prunes
  5. Papaya
  6. Pears
  7. Aloe Vera
  8. Castor Oil

It may be easy to reach for the pharmaceuticals when constipation presents itself, however you should try some natural foods which may help alleviate the problem without any harmful side effects. Often the pharmaceutical options can cause more issues in the long run. Colonics may also cause problems as you may become reliant on them to move your bowels. Eating a lot of fiber in vegetables, salads and fruit as well as drinking enough water is essential for healthy bowel movements and the best way to avoid constipation. Avoid gluten as it acts as glue in the digestive tract as well as white rice and bread. Also try Kegel excises to strengthen the area. chiropractic is also great to treat constipation and getting regularly adjustments can really improve bowel movement frequency and quality.