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9 ways to improve immune function

9 Ways to improve immune function

If our immune system is suffering then everything suffers. Read to discover easy and effective ways to boost your immune system, naturally.

You MAY or MAY NOT choose to vaccinate yourself and your children against viruses, but strengthening your immune system remains the best defence against sicknesses like chickenpox and shingles..

Limit sugar  As much as possible, make clean, pure water your  primary beverage.

Organic foods Focus on eating organic whole foods  Avoid consuming processed foods as much as possible.eg nothing  in cans, bottles, packages, and have a list of ingredients.

Eat more high-quality fat Contrary to popular belief, eating fat will not make you fat. Instead, it will help satiate you and can be used as an energy source.

Exercise regularly  Everyone knows it but do something simple you will stick to and love , then it is not a chore!

Optimize your vitamin D levels  Don’t be afraid to go in the Sun!! 

Try grounding – Go outside barefoot in the dirt, grass or sand.

Reduce Toxin Exposure throw away toxic household cleaners, soaps, personal hygiene products, air fresheners, bug sprays, and lawn pesticides and insecticides. Replace all of these with all-natural alternatives.

Get plenty of sleep Disrupted circadian rhythms can have a profound negative impact on your health.

Manage your stress  Get relaxed