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Abdominal Massage and GUT Health

Did you know that a large  proportion of the population have digestive problems?  The cause of this is a       combination of the  Mother passing on a poor variety of bacteria to the foetus; antibiotic use in the first 3 years of life; not enough breast feeding or   caesarean birth; lack of vitamin D, lack of fibre, stress and poor diet, in general.  This  results in poor  nutrient absorption and a generally unhealthy  population.  We can see this with the epidemic of unhealthy people that we have in Australia-obesity, autoimmunity, behavioural problems, mental health, infertility, etc

If you suffer from any digestive issues, abdominal massage helps to get the blood supply and nerve supply working better.  This improves constipation; improves   inflammation in the  abdomen, which reduces  Irritable bowel; removes adhesions, which  constrict the organs and  bowel; and even  improves mechanic infertility; as well as reducing stress and improving mental health, as we know that the gut is the second brain. Dr Tanya Kelly uses abdominal massage as part of her Chiropractic care and our Massage therapists can also do abdominal massage as part of their treatment.