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Are you being exposed to Aluminium without knowing it?










Did you know that some vaccines contain Aluminium?  Vaccines containing Aluminium are inactivated vaccines.  When you orally ingest aluminium, your body will absorb between 0.2 to 1.5 percent of it. When aluminium is injected into muscle, your body absorbs 100 percent, which is why aluminium  containing vaccines are likely far more dangerous than eating aluminium.  Aluminium-containing vaccines can pose a very significant health risk ,  especially to infants. It’s a known neurotoxin shown to play a significant role in neurological diseases.    Studies on adults show aluminium is still present three years after Intravenous administration. 

Once the aluminium is injected, it’s gobbled up by   immune cells (macrophages), which act like Trojan horses, allowing the aluminium entry into your brain by carrying it through the blood brain barrier. There’s no telling which areas will be affected, but in the brain, even  minor damage can cause severe problems. Other adverse effects of aluminium exposure include:

DNA alterations, abnormal regulation of gene function, and gene expression interference

Alterations in energy metabolism by binding to adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

Coagulation of proteins, which may alter their function

Cell membrane damage. It also causes your myelin — the insulating layer around your nerves — to stiffen and become dysfunctional

Increased vascular endothelial adhesiveness and increased cardiovascular disease risk

Avoid unnecessary chemicals by improving your  own  immune system, through reducing sugar and  processed foods in your diet, eating lots of vegetables and good fats and small amounts of protein,  improving your gut flora, leading a healthy lifestyle, and having adequate vitamin D levels.