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Are you cranky?









I have noticed when working with women around my age and older that they are all so sensitive and cranky and unreasonable.  This is all caused by a  decline in their hormones.

Symptoms of low Oestrogen:

Irritability, overanalysing, vaginal dryness, increased  urinary tract infections, irregular periods, breast  tenderness, depression, fatigue, trouble concentrating, dry saggy skin.

Symptoms of low Progesterone: breast tenderness, infertility, digestive dysfunction, irregular period, migraine, sinusitis, moodiness, pain before period.

Ways to balance your hormones:

The Paleolithic diet, which includes fermented and cultured foods unsprouted grains, sugar or fructose decrease seven of the 12 most important hormones.

Alcohol decreases your human growth hormone (HGH), one of your most potent built-in anti-aging hormones. Having just one alcoholic drink per day can decrease your HGH by 75 percent. Magnesium supplements improve your sex hormone levels, including your testosterone and HGH. High-quality protein from meat and fish, as well as healthy fats such as egg yolk, lard, and butter, will  improve  progesterone and DHEA  secretion , supplementation with Practitioner Only Hormone Support.  Never ever take Synthetic Hormones, no matter how much you are told they are safe.