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Are you hypermobile?









Are you hypermobile?

Most times when people visit our office they have areas of their body that are hypermobile, as a compensation for areas that are locked or subluxated.  Subluxation refers to misalignment or dysfunction in your spine, which will interfere with the signals traveling across those nerves. This can cause pain, as well as dysfunction in your internal organs

It is still important to stretch your body between appointments at our office to balance the movement in the hypermobile areas.  When you have structural Chiropractic care it unlocks the    subluxations that are stuck, so that they start moving and  removes the stress on the nerves and chance of osteoarthritis forming in the hypermobile regions.

Getting regular chiropractic care can help prevent  progressive spinal degeneration, i.e. osteoarthritis or disc disease.  As a side note.  Cracking your own joints is damaging.  It causes     hypermobility in the joints, which creates  Osteoarthritis in the joint in the long term.