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Are you Sleep Deprived? Find out with this simple test!

Are you Sleep Deprived? Find out with this simple test

Kleitman’s Sleep Onset Latency Test

This test is based on solid science!

 How it works: In the early afternoon, grab a spoon and a metal tray and go to a darkened bedroom to take a nap. Place a metal tray on the floor beside your bed, and hold the spoon over the tray as you attempt to fall asleep. Make sure you check time. Before you nod off.

Next, when you fall asleep  the spoon should fall down onto the metal tray, waking you. Then check the time to see how much has past.

RESULTS: If you fell asleep within five minutes, it means you’re  severely sleep deprived. If it took you 10 minutes to fall asleep, this is still a sign that you could use more sleep. If, you managed to stay awake for 15 minutes or more before falling asleep, you’re probably well rested. If you don’t have a spoon and metal tray handy, you can still take this test by setting an alarm for 15 minutes to see if you fall asleep before it goes off.

Getting adequate sleep is vital for our health and wellbeing.

Less than six hours per night may leave you: considerably cognitively impaired, with memory and learning difficulties, with impaired immune function, with a slower reaction time, effected decision making ability’s and heightened emotions.

Sleep deprivation is also linked to the following illnesses and diseases:

Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Obesity, Depression & Anxiety

Maintaining the natural rhythm of the sun & darkness

One of the best ways to getting enough good quality getting enough    sunlight during the day and avoiding the artificial lights from computers and    television screen at night.

Another tip to getting a good nights sleep is Taking a hot bath before bed This elevates your core  temperature. Once your  temperature drops again this readies your body for sleep

Your body requires 8 hrs sleep/night to function  optimally


Some signs that you are sleep deprived may be :

You Always Feel Hungry

You’ve Gained Weight

Bad memory


Slowed reactions


Getting sick frequently

Vision is unfocused

Falling asleep during the daytime