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Are you too Acidic

Are you too Acidic?

Are you feeling sluggish tired) even after a good nights sleep, Accumulation of toxins and acid  combined with stress creates inflammation in the body.

Modern causes

¨ Imbalanced diet- Not getting enough fruits & vegetables,  processed foods.

¨ Drinking Alcohol regularly

¨ Eating a high sugar diet

¨ Under a lot of stress– cortisol production increases acidity

¨ No getting adequate potassium in your diet

¨ High intensity exercise

¨ Mitochondrial dysfunction

¨ Impaired buffering capacity (pancreas kidneys and lungs)

 Acidity causes arrange of health problems including cancer, diabetes, obesity, liver damage, impaired digestion, just to name a few. Eat a diet rich in fruits &vegetables and avoid processed foods, sugar and unhealthy oils.

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