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B12 Deficiency


B12 is Found in: Milk , eggs, chicken, red meat, cheese, Salmon, pumpkins  avocado, sweet potato, seafood and more.

What does B12 do and why is it necessary? It Produces Adrenal hormones, Metabolizes folate, fats and carbohydrates, forms red blood cells, aids in iron absorption, help ensure proper circulation, promotes reproductive health, aids digestion, support nervous system function, optimizes nerve growth and function.

B12 is Essential for pregnancy and you must ensure you are not low as it ensures the optimal health of your child. Babies whose mothers had a B12 deficiency during pregnancy may have          increased odds of developing type 2 diabetes, as well as other serious metabolic problems in later life.

You may be susceptible if you for a B12 deficiency is you: Drink regular alcohol, are vegetarian or   vegan) animal products are main source of B12), have Crohn’s or Celiac disease (cannot absorb B12), drink more than 4 cups of coffee a day, are elderly, take antacids, have had gastric bypass surgery (altered digestive system), use nitrous oxide -laughing gas (wipes out B12 reserves), take proton-pump inhibitors, just to name a few.

Symptoms of low B12 levels may include poor memory, shortness of breath, depression, yellow skin, a smooth tongue and tingling in your extremities.