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Bee Facts- What is killing our Bees?


What is  killing our Bees?

Pesticides and insecticide, Malnutrition/Nutritional deficiencies, Viruses and fungi,&   Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) may be to blame

For several years now, scientists have been struggling to determine why bee colonies across the world are disappearing—a phenomenon dubbed colony collapse disorder (CCD).

Honeybees are perhaps one of the least recognized workers in the agricultural industry. Our food supply depends on them                    pollinating crops.

Just about every fruit and vegetable you can imagine is                         dependent on the pollinating services of bees.  Apple orchards,       for instance, require one colony of bees per acre in order to                 be adequately pollinated.

Pesticides and insecticides-Nicotinoids such as Imidacloprid and Clothianidin kills insects by attacking their nervous systems.

Malnutrition/Nutritional deficiencies– Many beekeepers place the hives near fields of identical crops, which may result in malnutrition as the bees are only getting one type of nectar. Like human nutrition; we need a wide variety of  nutrients from different foods. If you keep eating the same limited range of foods, you can suffer from nutritional deficiencies causing suppresses immune function. This makes the bees more susceptible to toxins from pesticides, viruses & fungi. Viruses and fungi- There’s even the possibility that some new form of “AIDS-like” viral infection is affecting the bees.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs)– Researchers have discovered that when a cellular phone is placed near a hive, the radiation generated by it (900-1,800 MHz) is enough to prevent bees from returning to them.