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Calendula Oil

Benefits of

Calendula Oil

This amazing oil is traditionally used for abdominal cramps as well as constipation. However it is your skin that will receive most of the therapeutic benefits, thanks to the oil’s                          anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties. Read below to discover come of the other benefits.

Skin dryness or chapping  Calendula oil is a great moisturiser for dry skin and for severely chapped or split skin. It helps soothe the area and reduce the pain.

Inflammation Works wonders on sprained muscles and bruises. its lessens swelling from injuries through its anti-inflammatory actions. Also helps treat spider veins, varicose veins, leg ulcers and chilblains.

Baby care The oil helps relieve diaper rashes, which can extremely irritate an infant.

Minor cuts and wounds The antiseptic and antimicrobial action of the oil help speed up healing of wounds and minor cuts, and also help relieve insect bites, acne and bed sores.

Skin issues Eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin problems can be soothed using calendula oil, when applied to the area. Calendula oil’s anti fungal action is also great for helping treat athlete’s foot, ringworm and jock itch.