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Causes of Subluxation

Get some Chiropractic Care today with Dr Tanya Kelly. She has been practicing as a Chiropractor for 18 years in both the United Kingdom and Australia. She practices with a holistic approach and uses supplements and herbs in her treatments to get the body functioning optimally. Subluxation is misalignment of the vertebrae and may be the cause of many health problems.

What may cause, Subluxation in the Spine?

Misalignment –vertebra going out of place because of a slip or fall eg. macro trauma.

Bad posture- The entire spine misalignment globally because of bad posture.

Joint swelling –caused by damage done to the intervertebral joint.

Inflammatory response- caused by poor diet, lack of pure water or psychological stress.

Osteoporosis or degenerative changes of the spine or intervertebral discs.

Tight back muscles- pull the vertebrae out of place