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What if you could support the feeling of wellbeing you get from your chiropractor between  visits? With nutritional supplementation you can! Nutritional supplements can enhance your chiropractic treatment by working in conjunction with adjustments to support body systems, thus enabling the body to heal.

Supplementation can assist in such areas as, but not limited to:

  • pain management
  • joint health
  • inflammation.

Chiropractic care in combination with nutritional supplements and emotional support can   address the triad of health—physical, mental and nutritional support—to help you achieve optimal health.

The primary aim of chiropractic is to ensure that your brain and body are communicating clearly, without interference. Only then is your body able to ultimately heal itself. With the increasing stresses placed on us by modern society, the additional support provided by  nutritional supplementation has become essential. Every day we are burdened by physical stress (poor posture, poor workstation ergonomics), chemical stress (increased use of pesticides/chemicals, decreasing nutritional value of food) and emotional stress.