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Chiropractic Testimonials

Unfortunately, Dr Tanya Kelly is no longer allowed to advertise Testimonials due to the Regulation Board Rules.  Below is a list of comments from long term clients without their names attached.

Tanya’s help and support for my process to recovery has been amazing. I have been to many chiropractors in my time and Dr Tanya Kelly is by far the best. Will refer her to as many people as possible.

Amazing – if you want results go to Dr Tanya Kelly, at Correct Body Maintenance. Changed my being

Regular Chiropractic care has enabled me to be more active, both mentally and physically. The care has reduced chronic pain and migraines and increased energy & quality of life.

If you are serious about feeling better and willing to give up “getting through the day”, make a long-term difference and meet the Team at Correct Body Maintenance and discuss what’s available for you.

I have been a long time client and just continued to watch the business grow from strength to strength, everyone is such a pleasure to deal with.

Through years of contact sports I have punished my body and through massage and chiropractic adjustments I have been able to continue my other sport interests as well as improving my day to day life.

A really good bunch of people who really make you feel welcome and look out for your well-being at every chance they get.

It’s made me think me about my health, I’m still a work in progress but I’m happy with how I am progressing so far.

A complete health clinic, mind and body, where they treat each client as individual.

I  have had regular appointments with Tanya and Sylvia for the past year. Both ladies have helped me greatly to relieve my headaches, neck and shoulder pain. I recommend CBM to all my friends.

It gives me great pleasure to say my disabled daughter who suffered chronic juvenile arthritis

has been a patient of Dr Tanya Kelly’s for several years. Her knowledge on health and holistic

chiropractic work far exceeds that of your average therapist. Dr Kelly support my daughter’s

chronic arthritis to move into remission.

Her caring nature and ability to direct treatment in my daughters case has been extraordinary.

I heartedly endorse Dr Tanya Kelly as the choice for anyone seeking chiropractic work or optimum living.