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Constipation & your Health

Chronic Constipation is a serious health concern, not to be taken lightly. Chronic constipation is described as hard /dry stools that are difficult to pass or having less than 3 bowel movements per week. It is estimated that up to 15-20% if the population suffer form Chronic constipation.

Complication or diseases linked to chronic constipation

Constipation may tear the anus (anal fissures) and may result in parts of your intestines protruding or cause hemorrhoids. The gut brain connection has been much talked about. Constipation produces toxins which may travel to the brain and linked to the cause of a number of degenerative diseases such as Dementia, Parkinson’s. Also men and women suffering with constipation had, on average, a 13 percent higher risk of kidney disease.

Eat more

Fiber, Leafy green, fruits and veg, avocados, fermented vegetables, yogurt, prunes, Olives & Olive oil

Causes: Lack of beneficial gut microbes, low fiber diet, use of  laxatives,  ignoring urge to go to the toilet, dehydration, certain  medications.

Also try squatting position as sitting can pitch of the intestines or buy a stool and put feet up when going to the toilet.