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Ear Wax Buildup









While most people’s ears are self-cleaning, there are some who seem to have trouble with excess wax build up on a regular basis. If this applies to you, you may want to regularly soften and remove your earwax using hydrogen peroxide on a cotton bud and swabbed gently inside the ear.

Itchy ear –use Colloidal Silver on a cotton bud daily. If is feels raw, use coconut oil to soothe on a cotton bud.

A frequent excess build up of earwax is omega-3 deficiency. Practitioner only Fish oil corrects Omega 3 Deficiency.

Recently we have had a lot of enquiries for Ear Candling.  Ear Candling is very helpful for sinus drainage, snot build  up and ear blockage.  In my own experience it has improved my                   hearing also.