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Scientists have discovered that the amygdala and the  hippocampus play significant roles in most anxiety disorders.The amygdala is an almond-shaped structure deep in the brain  It alerts the brain when there is a threat and triggers a fear or anxiety response. The hippocampus translates threatening events or fears into memories.

B Complex- Fatigue is the underlying cause in Stress and several mood related disorders such as depression,  insomnia, anxiety ECT.  Deficiency’s in b vitamins causes fatigue. The B vitamins are responsible for cell energy production.

Gaba  (Gamma Amino butyric acid) Glutamate and b6 are converted in the body to create Gaba, It is a major inhibitory relaxing   neurotransmitter (brain chemical) Deficiencies cause insomnia, stress, anxiety, panic disorders epilepsy.

Also Look to the gut for answers –Acidity drives symptoms of anxiety also low zinc and high copper has been found to cause Anxiety symptoms. Inflammation in the lumen form Dysbiosis may activate and vagus nerve and cause negative mood.

EAT MORE B6– Liver, sunflower seeds, bananas, seafood, Glutamine- Bone broth, sauerkraut (heals gut,  Niacin– Chicken, Turkey, Legumes, Folate– Spinach, Riboflavin– Yogurt milk products and Asparagus, Thiamine– Dark green leafy vegetables,  B12– Shelfish &mussels, Biotin– Avocado, eggs and Salmon.