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Are Grains Causing Your Leaky Gut Symptoms?

Leaky gut may cause digestive symptoms such as bloating, gas and abdominal cramps, but it can also cause many other unwanted side effects, such as fatigue, skin rashes, autism, joint pain, allergies, physiological symptoms and more.

Once the digestive tract has been damaged, it allows various gut contents to flow into your bloodstream with bad consequences on your health. To prevent this from occurring you can avoid certain foods such as sugars and grains and introduce healthier ones that will support a proper balance of bacteria in your gut. To restore gut health, and prevent leaky gut from occurring, eating traditionally fermented foods is essential.

Fermented foods provide probiotic microbes in the best possible form and they transport probiotic microbes all away down to the end of the digestive system. Fermentation predigests the food, making it easy for our digestive systems . The Fermentation process releases nutrients from the food, making them more bio-available for the body.

Sauerkraut is a great form of fermented foods. It is best to start slowly as      introducing too much too fast may cause adverse  effects. Starting with a few spoons of the juice and working our way up from there.

Making your own sauerkraut is simple, just cut some cabbage or put in food processor, then add a teaspoon of good quality salt (Himalayan or Celtic) then massage the cabbage for 10 mins. Add any other vegetables, fruits or herbs (carrots, ginger, apple, beetroot, fennel) and put in a airtight jar. Add a bit of filtered water and leave to sit anywhere between 4 days and 3 weeks. Refrigerate and enjoy. *caution when opening sauerkraut.