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Health Benefits of Beetroots

Health Benefits of Beetroot

Beets may improve athletic performance, fight inflammation, lower  bloodpressure, help your body to detoxify, lower your risk of heart failure & stroke &  improve brain neuroplasticity

There’s a lot to be said for the humble beet, an easy-to-grow garden vegetable. Enjoy them juiced raw, cooked, pickled or fermented, beets have a wide range of health benefits. The nutrients they contain fight inflammation, lower blood pressure and help you detoxify. Beets have also been shown to lower your risk failure and stroke, and may even help combat cancer.

Recent research has indicated that beets have powerful benefits for your brain, especially when combined with exercise, again because of their high nitrate    content. Your body transforms nitrates into nitric oxide, which enhances oxygenation and has a beneficial impact on your circulatory and immune systems.

Just beware if you have diabetes or suffer from Insulin resistance as Beets are very high in sugar.

In these cases or if you are in the beginning stages of ketosis fermented beets and beet juice may be better, as nearly all sugar is eliminated during the fermentation process.