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Healthy Carbohydrate


Don’t be afraid of Carbohydrates just watch out for the bad kind, with absolutely zero nutritionally value. Read below to discover eating them effects our bodies and causes obesity along with many other health concerns.

It is not a the number of carbohydrates we eat, but the types we eat and the  nutritional quality of them that matters.

In fact Carbs are a large part of the energy intake for present-day  hunter-gatherers in remote parts of the world, but their fasting insulin and blood glucose levels are lower than the healthiest individuals in Western populations. Go figure

Eat these good carbs Vegetables (all), Whole fruits, Legumes, nuts, seeds, oats, quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat etc.

Avoid these bad Carbs Sugary drinks, fruit juice, white bread, pastries and cakes, French fries , potato chips, Ice cream etc.

Leptin– the Hunger Hormone

Leptin is  responsible for weight control. and is produced by the body’s fat cells, it  is what’s behind fat gain in humans. If you eat when not hungry leptin levels rise The more fat in your body the more the leptin levels  increase.

The hypothalamus controls how much and when we eat. Leptin’s job is to tell the brain when enough fat has been stored and tell you to stop eating while burning calories and regulate the balance of                 energy input and expenditure. So what happens when the brain doesn’t recognise the signal? This is the case with obesity, the brain doesn’t tell them they are full and this is known as leptin resistance. This makes your brain think you are starving compelling you to eat,  that you should conserve energy and makes you too tired to exercise. There is a link to gut  inflammation which causes metabolic changes in the body, so avoiding the bad Carbohydrates is a good idea.


Fat burning which is known as  Ketosis is reached with a diet of fresh fruits, veggies, protein and small amounts of good Carbohydrates. Just the smallest amount of sugar or refined grains can cause inflammatory reactions in the body  leading to leptin resistance, metabolic syndrome & obesity.