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Hot Stone Therapy

The contact with nature brings benefits that sometimes we can’t see or feel, and most of the times we don’t even realize. Hot Stones is a new concept that was developed in USA about 9 years ago.  However, it’s use dates back to Ancient  Egypt and The Bible. In China, Hot Stones are used to release the muscle tension and physical stress, and they have been used since the Shang Dynasty (2000 – 1500 AC). American Indians also used Hot Stones in their healing rituals. In Russia, they use Hot Stones in their baths, massaging their own bodies.


The manipulation of the stones have some influence from Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Ayurveda and especially the oriental medicine, that uses the thermotherapy to heal. It is usual to believe that rocks can carry memories from all ages of the earth.  When we get in touch with the stones, we are able to reorganize our energy, as we are receiving the energy of the earth.

Indication: Physical and emotional stress Muscle and Nerves Injuries Sports Medicine Psychosomatic disease Anyone that wants a relaxation therapy.