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People have been scared into believing vaccines are the answer to prevent disease. There’s just no  question that improving your own immune system, through reducing sugar and  processed foods in your diet,  improving your gut flora, leading a healthy lifestyle, and having adequate vitamin D levels, will provide a  far more effective immune response and virtually eliminate any risk of  developing a life threatening infection, instead of vaccinations. There is no guarantee that a vaccine will, in fact, protect against an infectious disease or that exposure to an infectious disease will cause a complication, injury or death. Good health is about so much more than vaccination, and preventing experience with infectious disease.

You are born with an innate immunity against disease, in large part thanks to your microbiome — healthy bacteria residing in your gut, on your skin, and in various  mucosas, such as your nose and mouth.   We obtain our microbiome from our Mother, breast feeding and vaginal delivery. 

Factors that can weaken the layers of your immune system include:  poor nutrition, being fed formula rather than breast milk, lack of sleep, stress, and so on. In a weakened state, your body will have a more difficult time battling the invading microbe.

 Your body is designed to maintain health. Its natural course and direction is to be healthy, not sick. If you have a healthy lifestyle, exposure to nearly all of these infectious agents will ultimately make you healthy and   stronger. Nature actually knows what it’s doing, whereas putting chemicals into your body based on human theories, that are often completely wrong, is unlikely to produce better results.

 If you are really worried about travelling without vaccination, why not try using the homeopathic   vaccines instead.  Homeopathic vaccines give your body a small amount of the disease, so that it can build a long term resistance against it without the chemicals, such as Mercury, Aluminium,      Formaldehyde, Resin, Gelatin, Antibiotics, Detergent and Polysorbate 80.