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Want to improve your health? Start by improving your posture.  Your life expectancy is totally related to how far removed from ideal posture you are.  For every mm forward from ideal your centre of gravity is, it creates that amount by gravity of extra force on your joints.  For example if you are 10mm forward in posture from central of gravity, this creates 10 times gravity force on the joints.  People ask me how long it takes to    improve their posture back to an ideal state. It all depends on how  inflamed a person is, and how flexible they are.  With all my patients I take some x-rays to see where they are standing compared to ideal in their   posture and prescribe natural anti inflammatories to help their body heal more  quickly while we change it.  It is  important never to use synthetic anti-inflammatories, as they create more inflammation over time and retard the healing process.