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Improving your thyroid









Improving your thyroid

Could it be that you have mild metabolic acidity instead?  If you want to improve your Thyroid function, lose weight, reduce brain fog, reduce sugar cravings and have more energy, then alkalizing is a good start.  Most Medical Doctors will give you Thyroid tablets and this was       suggested to me 20 years ago.  I started them and I just got fatter, more exhausted, had more pain and more anger.  I wanted to get the cause of the problem instead.

Strategies to improve mild metabolic acidosis:

  • Drink 2 litres of water day?
  • Eat a kilogram of vegetables a day?
  • Eat a maximum of 3 palm sized portions of protein a day
  • Take Vitamin D
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Move your body/stretch regularly
  • Take a Practitioner recommended alkalizing formula (do not take Bicarb)
  • Remove bread/pasta rice and cereal
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Remove artificial sweeteners