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Methylation is a biochemical process that affects the critical functions in the body such as repairing DNA, turning on and turning off Genes, fighting infections and removing environmental toxins from the body.

Possible symptoms or health concerns related to poor methylation include: Cognitive decline, autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s, sensitive to medicine and chemicals, fibromyalgia, miscarriage, birth defects

40% of Methylation requires energy production and nothing happens in the body without energy. tThis is why B vitamins are           important.


required to improve methylation are: Folate– protects again neural tube defects,  B2, B6, B12-very important to assist in healthy homocysteine  cycles, magnesium, Choline– 450mg per day—makes a smarter  and more relaxed baby– you can find this in eggs, milk and meats.

Methylation dysfunction linked to pregnancy compilations

To test methylation a simple blood test which tests the homocysteine levels may highlight any problems there may be.