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At CBM we offer Chiropractic and Massage but also have a range of fantastic products, herbs and Supplements for sale that could help with a variety of common health issues that you may be suffering from. When you book a consultation with Dr Tanya Kelly, a holistic Chiropractor with over 20 years experience, she will help you with your overall health treating with the whole body in mind. Dr Tanya will prescribe you specialised supplements and herbs to help you reach optimal health faster. Chiropractic care is the best treatment for Migraines and some other supplements and herb may also be beneficial in treatment

Migraines- Severe debilitating  headaches & are a  neurological disorder of the nervous system.      Migraines affect 1 billion people worldwide each year

Recent research suggests migraines are linked to deficiencies in vitamin D (sunlight), riboflavin (eggs, cheese, Beef, Lamb and Almonds)  CoQ10 ( Fatty fish, beef and chicken)  &  magnesium (Dark Leafy greens, nuts & seeds, avocados & bananas) Before reaching for supplements try to increase the amount of foods rich in these nutrients in your  daily diet.

Headaches and migraines may also be hormonal and when migraines strike just before or during menstruation it is likely to be low progesterone in causing the  problem. Try the herb vitex (Chase tree) , b6, zinc and Withania.

Other helpful supplements include: Fish oil and magnesium as it reduces inflammation. SAMe as it reduces histamine levels which may also be a cause of migraines.

Also drinking plenty of water and not getting too stressed may help to  stop migraines from developing.