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Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness: what we can do?

Don’t simple suffer through your morning sickness or serve morning sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum. There are things you can do which may alleviate symptoms.

Please see a qualified natural holistic health professional for advice on supplements and nutrients. Dr Tanya Kelly  is a holistic chiropractor and treats a variety of health issues through the use of herbs and supplements. Make an appointment today to see her.

There are many theories about  the causes of morning sickness. The main theory is the changing of hormone levels in the body particularly estrogen and how well the body is able to cope with this. Another theory is being physically sick is a way of riding toxins from the system which may affect the developing fetus. Research has shown is there are ways to help with morning sickness and supplements you can take to help your body deal with these drastic changes. And in some cases this can mean the difference in being bedridden to a functioning person.  As in normal everyday life  deficiencies can make us sick or unwell if we are not getting enough of some particular vitamin, nutrient ect. This may be exaggerated in  pregnancy when your body needs a high degree of vitamins and nutrients to create healthy life.

EAT HEALTHY– Eat enough protein & healthy fats and greens– (can take greens in powder on top of normal diet) avoid deep fried foods, processed foods & excess sugar. If craving foods don’t punish yourself just be inventive and look for the healthiest options.

PREGNANCY SUPPLEMENT- take a good quality one including folic acid, iron, calcium, B12, B6 and other b’s etc.

OMEGA 3– Taking good quality omega 3 supplementation is vital for the babies brain and neurological development.

REGULAR SMALL MEALS- throughout the day instead of large ones

GET IRON LEVELS CHECKED– deficiency may cause malaise. Also green tea can stop the absorption of iron. Always take with food!

Try drinking Ginger & peppermint tea