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There are so many new products available to use these days and organics are becoming very popular – but are they worth the money?

Studies show that our bodies are carrying an ever increasing toxic load, this is when the toxins that we take into our body through our diet and our environment become too much for our liver to eliminate naturally, so they are stored in our body. This puts us at greater risk of damage to our cells and developing chronic disease. As well as this, our soil quality these days can be quite poor with very little nutrition, so our fruits and vegetables have very little nutrition in them, leaving us malnourished and our body starved for nutrients!

Organic foods have more nutrients because of better quality soil, and they don’t have the amount of toxins that non organic products have!

So go organic whenever you can for better health!

**Going organic tip** Buying organic can be expensive, but the money you save in the short term you will end up spending later on health care. If you can’t afford to buy all organic, just set aside a small amount each week to buy organic produce, and slowly increase it.