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Pregnancy Massage

To ensure you receive the care and support you need throughout your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby we can created a special package for all mums and mums-to-be. At CBM we use the Belly Pillow that has been specially designed to allow pregnant women to lie their stomach. We will support you and your body through all stages of your pregnancy, birth and recovery so that you can focus on nourishing your baby and enjoying the journey!

Benefits of pregnancy massage Include:

1. Increased flexibility and muscle tone to aid the birth process and post-natal recovery

2. Support for weight bearing joints such as the pelvis and lower back

3. Increased circulation to reduce muscle fatigue and oedema and increase nutrient availability to your baby

4. Balancing effect of hormones to alleviate depression, mood-swings and insomnia

5. Relief of muscular aches, pains, cramps and stiffness

6. Emotional support and nurturing touch