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Premature Births


Most of the time we hear that preterm or premature births are caused by unknown causes or that they are associated with complications such as high blood pressure, stress, infections, or the use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

However, there are some factors that never get mentioned by doctors and may significantly reduced the risk of giving birth prematurely.

If you’re are currently expecting or planning to get pregnant  the following are some  tips that may help you support a healthy, full-term pregnancy

If a baby is born  before 37 weeks  of pregnancy it is classified as preterm. 8% of babies in Australia are born premature.

When a baby is born Preterm its brain, lungs and liver do not fully develop and there may be an increased risk of disability,  neurological issues or death.

Babies born too early may also experience:

Breathing problems, Feeding difficulties, Cerebral palsy, Developmental delay, Vision and hearing problems

What can we do to support a healthy full term pregnancy

Vitamin D Ensure you levels are adequate, 40 ng/mL or higher. Research shown that those with higher level had 57% less chance of having preterm babies.

Omega-3 fat DHA taking during pregnancy may increased gestation by 3 days and reduce early preterm births.

Calcium build-up in the womb may be involved in preterm births, particularly those caused by the water breaking too early. The amniotic fluid may produce calciprotein particles,

Fetuin-A is a protein that helps prevent calcium deposits from being deposited in places where they may cause harm for example in the amniotic sac where calcium proteins may cause flexible membranes, which may contribute to premature births.