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Remember to Measure Your Vitamin D

Remember to Measure Your Vitamin D

Recent research found non smokers who avoid sun exposure have a life expectancy similar to smokers, courtesy of diminished vitamin D levels

A certain amount of unprotected sun exposure is also necessary for optimal mitochondrial health.

 Safe Sunning tips

I recommend spending time in the sun regularly — ideally daily, and if you can’t, then taking a vitamin D3 supplement is likely  a wise choice.

If you are Caucasian, stay out just long enough for your skin to turn the very lightest shade of pink. Shield your face from the sun.

When you’ll be in the sun for longer periods, cover up with clothing, a hat or shade

Measure your vitamin D level twice a year, in the middle of the summer and winter, to ascertain your annual high and low. Ideally, you want your serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) to be       between 125 and 150 nanomol per milliliter (nmol/mL) year-round.

Anything below 75 nmol/mL is considered a serious deficiency state that increases your risk of both acute and chronic ill health.

The darker your skin and the fatter you are, the more sun exposure you need, and vice versa.

Eating a diet full of natural antioxidants is another highly useful strategy to help avoid sun damage.