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Science Struggling with Natural

Science Struggling

with ‘Natural’

Breast feeding no longer to even be referred to as Natural.

Breastfeeding has suffered some terrible advice throughout the years, especially following the availability of formula. Mother’s were told to bottle feed to improve the health of their baby . No days multiple studies show breastfeeding is the best choice possible for both you and your baby, nutritionally, emotionally, developmentally and increases infant immunity

A recent bioethical argument in the journal of Pediatrics is advising pediatricians to stop referring to breastfeeding as “natural. Although the article focuses on breastfeeding, the intent   appears to be aimed at bolstering the vaccine program.

Basically they are concerned the term “natural” may affect an individual’s process in making decisions about health care in general. When the fact remains that there is nothing more natural than breastfeeding.

Although natural , breastfeeding may come with it’s challenges and does not always come easily to mother and baby, taking practice and persistence. It is important to not get disheartened and know that there are conditions which may make breastfeeding more challenging. If it is not possible, do not beat yourself up. Just give it your best shot and consultant a lactation consultant if there are any issues early on to give you the best chance.