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Shrinking as you age?

The upright adult spine loses up to 20 mm of vertical height each day due to loss of fluid from the disc. The sleep cycle allows the unloaded discs to regain most, but not all, of their fluid and height by the reabsorption of fluid surrounding the discs (Kapandji, 1974).

Since all the fluid and disc height is not regained, the spine becomes shorter starting around age 30. It is common to lose up 5cm of stature by age 60 due to the loss of disc fluid. In addition, loss of disc fluid and height compromise spinal form and function with   lateral and rotatory postural deviations of the hips and shoulders.

The discs are comprised of 88 percent water. When the body dehydrates, it pulls water out of the “white tissues” first, meaning the ligaments and tendons of the body (i.e. vertebral discs). A loss of only 12 percent of the water out of the disc will reduce the disc height by 50 percent.

Can the intervertebral discs rehydrate and  regenerate? The discs need three things to regenerate:

– Motion

– Water

– Nutrients

Having regular Chiropractic care creates equal motion in the joints, which helps hydration of the area and blood supply. Taking professional fish oil, Magnesium and joint supplements helps with the rehabilitation and anti aging.