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Tips for healthy skin and ears in dogs

-Clean your dog’s floppy ears daily if they are swimming-use garlic infused olive oil or colloidal silver and a cotton pad

-Clip long haired dogs in the summer to let the air and vitamin D get to the skin

-Give your dog a probiotic for skin health (we sell it at our office)

-Give your dog a practitioner quality fish oil daily

-Use grain free dry food

-Feed your dog veggies each day

-Have plenty of filtered water fresh daily

-Use a chemical free soap to wash your dog regularly and if they swim in the pool, they need to be washed each time

-Brush your dog’s teeth with natural xylitol free toothpaste

-In times of outbreak, use high strength turmeric

Spray the skin with colloidal silver

As summer approaches many of you will start asking me how to keep ear infections and itchy skin away from your dogs.  It took me 5 years of struggle to correct a skin condition in my autistic Labrador.