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Sleep apnoea refers to impaired breathing from an  obstructed airway during sleep, which can have serious health consequences.

It’s a common problem, affecting more than half of all men and over one-quarter of women.

It’s also becoming more prevalent among children, largely due to lack of breast feeding and eating  processed foods.

Teething grinding can be a form of sleep apnoea, where the jaw is repositioned inadvertently to improve breathing.

Health problems associated with Sleep Apnoea:

  • Weak immune system
  • Acceleration of tumour growth
  • Impaired physical and mental performance, and decreased problem solving ability
  • heart disease
  • Gout
  • Pre-diabetic state, and diabetes
  • Depression
  • Memory Loss and Alzheimer’s

TREATMENT: oral myofunctional therapy, earning how to breathe properly while you’re awake using the Buteyko Method and Chiropractic Structural Care to correct posture and switch on the nerves to the head and neck.