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The Hypothalamus


In the order of endocrine command, the hypothalamus is the body’s CEO,  orchestrating the events of the rest of the endocrine system.

  What does the Hypothalamus do

  • Controls autonomic reflexes
  • Controls body thermostat and body sleep cycles
  • Initiates adrenal stress response and secretion of Cortisol, DHEA and Aldosterone
  • initiates the female cycle by stimulating ovaries to secrete Oestrogen

When one goes through chronic or severe long-term stress, the hypothalamus at first triggers an overproduction of the adrenal  hormones (especially cortisol and DHEA). This eventually leads to    exhausted adrenals and an exhausted thyroid gland, due to the excess production of Oestrogen and the conversion of Progesterone into Cortisol, which creates more Oestrogen.

I have noticed that some women who have Excess Oestrogen find it hard to lose weight.  This is because they have a malfunction in their hypothalamus and their thermostat has blown a fuse.  These women will be the ones that put on excess weight at around 45 years and tend to sweat quite a lot also.

Supplements that may help

Vitamin A , Vitamin B5 , B complex vitamins in small molecules ,Vitamin C & Bioflavonoids, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Digestive enzymes , Probiotics (including acidophilus; dosages vary), Alpha Lipoic acid, Biotin , Calcium, Bisglycinate magnesium, Licorice root,  Phosphatidyl choline,                       Phosphatidyl serine, Siberian Ginseng (use if cortisol level is high,  Royal Maca (affects hypothalamic  action)

Please be sure to consult with a qualified health care practitioner. Dr Tanya Kelly is a Holistic Chiropractor that  also prescribes herbs and supplements to aim her patients on the journey back to good health. To make a booking call our clinic.