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Nutritional Advice

Dr Tanya Kelly has attended over 100 Nutritional and Naturopathic seminars in the last 11 years. She regularly prescribes Metagenics and Bioceuticals Products according to your personal needs.   We also have plenty of helpful information in the form of our newsletter, which you can access on our website or via hardcopy in our office.

Dr Kelly has Adrenal Fatigue and as such, is an expert in correcting the cause of hormonal dysfunction, bowel trouble, fatigue, anxiety, immune dysfunction, thyroid abnormalities, fibromyalgia, difficulty sleeping, mechanical back pain, just to name a few.

She also prides herself in the hundreds of babies that she has helped nurture from preconception to beyond birth.

If you would like to take charge of your health for the future, book an appointment to see Dr Kelly.

Initial Consultation $100     |     Includes Full Medical History, Bioimpedance Analysis, Analysis of any previous blood tests and takes 30 minutes

Subsequent Consultation $50   |   Includes an explanation of Blood tests, explanation of Bioimpedance Analysis, Supplement prescription, Dietary advice and takes 30 minutes.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy Applies or a fee is charged