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Ultrasound Scans during Pregnancy

Ultrasound Scans -Are they safe during pregnancy?

Evidence may suggest that  unborn babies are affected by Ultrasound Scans.

Ultrasound scans, have long been regarded as a safe means of checking on the health of unborn children. The Scans are conducted using high-frequency sound waves to give X-ray-like images of the inside of the womb, without using radiation, which carries a risk of causing    cancer. Between the 1960s and today, the number of pregnant women having scans in has increased from a handful to virtually all.

Studies have concluded that   Ultrasound scans may cause brain  damage and cause neurological defects and complications such as learning difficulties and epilepsy.                         

Interestingly it is found to also affect the rates of left and  right handedness. Findings                indicate that in the recent years, after ultrasound scans were introduced the rates of                    left- handedness has significantly increased by 30%.

In the 1990s, American researchers found that ultrasound tissue heating can cause bleeding in mouse intestines, ultra sonographers altered the power of the scans reducing heating. Also the  latest discovery, by scientists at University College Dublin, are the first to discover that scans may create changes in cells.