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Variable Intensity Exercise

What Are the Components of a VIIT Program?

Low-intensity Segment: This segment of exercises is intended to be slow controlled movements and to serve as the active recovery period during your workout. This could include a fusion of mind/body (yoga/Pilates) exercises to promote core strength and flexibility

Medium-intensity Segment: During this segment of your workout you want to focus on developing muscular strength, flexibility and endurance. Typically, agility and strength exercises can achieve these objectives and usually can only be performed for a short period of time before the muscles begin to fatigue and lactic acid is released. The focus here is to feel your muscles burning.

High-intensity Segment: As the name suggests, the goal during this segment of your workout should be to perform every interval at 90 percent intensity. When performing any type of HIIT movement, you increase human growth hormone (HGH), which provides numerous health benefits, as your body’s levels naturally decline after the age of 30. You know you are performing HIIT intervals correctly when it takes your body at least 30 seconds to gain your breath back.

An easy way to know if you have hit your target heart rate is to perform a talk test (e.g. repeat your phone number immediately after an interval without stopping to catch your breath). You should not be able to say more than three words consecutively without stopping to catch a breath