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Vitamin D-Dose is everything









When it comes to vitamin D, dose is everything. Doses less than 1,000IU a day fail to offer much benefit, as they are too low to enable people to reach vitamin D sufficiency.

“Findings indicated that for depressed  women with type 2 diabetes, weekly vitamin D2 supplementation for a period of six months significantly improved depression even after controlling for race, season of enrolment, baseline vitamin D, baseline depression, and BMI.”

Limitations were: The researcher’s chose to supplement the participants with large,  weekly doses of vitamin D2 instead of daily doses of D3, which has been proven to be more efficient in raising and maintaining health vitamin D levels.

Due to the safety, affordability and potential mental and physical health benefits of maintaining healthy vitamin D levels for patients with diabetes, the Vitamin D Council recommends adults supplement with 5,000-10,000 IU vitamin D3 daily.