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Watch what you give your baby to ingest

Watch what you give your Baby to Ingest

Bisphenol A (BPA) an industrial grade chemical used in epoxy resins, hard clear plastics and the protective lining of some food & beverage cans.

BPA is supposed to make the products safer and easier to use, while in fact the chemical has demonstrated significant side effects that damage your health.

BPA is used in many various baby product such as water bottles & baby teething toys. Many of these baby toys and products are labelled as being BPA– free however research has found products may still leach chemicals, which contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals. These chemicals are                exposed when the product is exposed to water or saliva.

Independent research has found exposure during infancy poses serious health risks such as the following:

Structural damage to the brain and cognitive impairment, Changes in gender specific behavior, Hyperactivity and increases in aggressive behavior, impaired learning, increased fat formation, altered immune function, Early puberty.

Alternatives include:

Unfinished wooden teething toys, If using a bottle ensure it is glass baby  bottles not plastic, Store food and drinks in glass not plastic, and avoid using plastic wrap. Natural alternative include natural food wraps made from cloth and covered in beeswax.