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What are Pyrroles?









Nutrients that have a powerful influence on mental health include zinc,      copper, B6, selenium, folates and S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe).

Pyrrole disorder is a stress condition commonly found in brain disorders, which involves altered  biochemistry in your bone marrow and spleen. People who have pyrrole disorder may produce five to 10 times more pyrrole than normal, as a by-product of natural reactions, like the formation of    haemoglobin. While harmless in itself, pyrroles bind to and draw out anything that is an aldehyde, such as B6 and zinc. As a result, people with pyrrole  disorder have exceptionally low levels of B6, and zinc which can have        serious effects on brain function, affecting their memory and ability to read, for example. B6 deficiency is quite common among  children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as well.

It is important to only administer Zinc if your plasma zinc is low, as too much zinc can reduce your copper and create anaemia. Also, Animal studies have shown that when animals are starved of copper, the ratio between norepinephrine and dopamine is changed by more than a factor of three.

Most of us have the ability to homeostatically control copper. However, some do not have that ability.  Sociopaths innately have low copper  levels and high copper leads to endometriosis.