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What is Placentaphagia, and what are the benefits?


Is the ingestion of the placenta by the mother after birth

The placenta is an amazing organ which allows your baby to feed grow  and even acts as a lung in utero. It produces  the hormones lactogen, oestrogen, progesterone.

Benefits of Consuming the Placenta

There is growing research into the benefits of placenta ingestion during the post-partum period. The placenta contains a balance of hormones and nutrients that are specific to the mother.  

Women may experience:

  • Increased milk supply
  • Faster recovery post-birth
  • Shorter post-birth bleeding
  • Decreased levels of baby blues and depression – emotional stability
  • Increased levels of iron and other nutrients

Some cultures  conduct rituals by conducting the burial of the placenta to symbolise the  relationship between us and the earth. And believe it protects the health and well being of the baby and mother. While some cultures conduct full funeral rituals for the placenta

Usually makes somewhere between 120-250 capsules. Some providers can pick up your placenta pretty swiftly after birth getting the capsules back to you in with 24-36 hours.  If you can stomach it, it is recommend to ask your midwife to slice off a tiny sliver from the placenta as soon as it has been born placing  it on the inside of your cheek – you can’t taste anything!  This can really help the body kick start the healing process and give you an instant boost after birth!

WARNING-  You cannot encapsulate your placenta if you develop a uterine infection , have Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS. You must stop taking your capsules immediately if you develop a fever or any kind of infection (eg. Mastitis) as it may cause the infection to go deeper by creating too much heat in the body.