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What Is Vitamin K2?









Some of the signs and symptoms of a vitamin K deficiency include:

  • Blood thinning, poor clot formation, easy bruising and excessive bleeding from wounds, punctures or injections
  • Heavy menstrual periods
  • Anaemia (looking tired and pale; feeling weak and listless)
  • Bleeding from your gastrointestinal tract; blood in urine and/or stool

Frequent nose bleeds

Vitamin K2 is used to determine how your body uses Calcium in your bones, and in heart health.  It is present in fermented foods. It’s actually produced by specific bacteria during the fermentation  process. Certain bacteria in your gut naturally produce vitamin K2 in your body as well.  Only grass fed animals will develop naturally high K2 levels. One of the best ways to get plenty of vitamin K2 from your diet it is to regularly eat home-fermented vegetables made with a   special starter culture designed with bacterial strains that produce vitamin K2.  Natto is the best source of Vitamin K2.

The MK-7 is the best form of Vitamin K2.  Research has shown   MK-7 helps prevent inflammation by inhibiting proinflammatory markers  produced by white blood cells called monocytes.