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When Motherhood leads to Depression

When Motherhood Leads to Depression

Up to 22 % of women may suffer from depression during their first year postpartum, but recognition and treatment rates are low

Increase your Omega 3 intake. A study has shown that insufficient  dietary intake of omega-3s may increase a woman’s risk of postpartum depression

Exercise is known to help relieve depression, and research also shows that light-to-moderate intensity exercise improves mild-to-moderate depressive symptoms and increases the likelihood that the depression will resolve during the postpartum period.

Practice mindfulness before and during birth. Research suggests  mindfulness training that’s tailored to address the fear and pain of childbirth offers many mental health benefits to new mothers.

Get vitamin B2.  Deficiency may cause weakness, fatigue and depression

Breastfeed your baby. There is some research linking the discontinuation of breastfeeding and formula feeding with Post Partum Depression

Naturopath or Holistic Chiropractor. When you decide to have a baby, it is important to get it right.  Have regular checks with a Naturopath or Holistic Chiropractor, such as Dr Kelly to regularly check that you are taking the right nutrients that are specific to your genetic needs.