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Who wants tuck shop lady arms?










Most of the articles that you read talk about exercises to prevent tuck shop lady arms, but I can tell you form a person who has them and lifts weights all day long, it takes more than exercise to correct them.

Tuck shop lady arms are caused by Advanced  Glycation End Products, which result from a sugar   molecule reacting with protein and fat molecules, creating Reactive Oxygen Species. 

Dietary Correction of Tuck Shop Lady Arms:

  • Don’t microwave your food
  • Reduce preformed Advanced Glycation End Products (food that is preheated is full of these)
  • Reduce cooking temperatures with fats and proteins
  • Lower sugar intakes
  • Increase antioxidant foods
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Eating 1 kilogram of vegetables a day
  • Increase foods from the Brassica family
  • Supplementing with antioxidants