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Why Chiropractic is so important for Children

People often ask me how long their bodies have been a problem  and why they have not felt it until recently.  I took some x-rays of a little boy who came to see me and I wanted to share some insights with you.  Due to the EOS technology, we are able to order full body scans of people, instead of getting half the story from the previous imaging that we ordered.  I looked at the x-rays of this 11 year old and realized that him being twisted up at 11 years old was shaping his bones  forever in this pattern.  The bones start to solidify at 18-25, so everything we do prior molds the shape of our bones for the future.  This was a light bulb moment for me, as I sprained  my ankle as a child and this has made my left leg functionally longer for my whole life.  It was so bad as a child that I could not run and it twisted up my digestion and created constipation, nutrient      deficiencies, hormonal overload and inflamed brain, so I have struggled with my memory and felt exhausted and foggy my whole life until I discovered naturopathy to manage it.  Now when I see children like this, it motivates me to take charge  and educate the parents who want to hear, what we can do to help their child be the best they can be. If your child looks twisted, like this boy does, that is reducing the way that the body works and reduces that child’s health and life potential.  This boy has  uncontrollable, high intelligence, moodiness, history of right ear infections and cannot stand evenly on both legs. All parents want the best for their children, so if you       correct their spine when they are young, it means their bones don’t growth,  such as the bone is bent.  As a result, the nerves work better and the energy gets where it needs to go.

So why don’t some of us feel it until we are in our 30’s?  By the time we feel it 90% of the nerves are irritated. It is not normal to  have sore muscles.  When I touch any of my patients for the first time, they are all sore and I tell them in a few weeks they will feel nothing.  Once we do a few weeks of work on them, they soon realize that what they had been feeling for many years was not normal and instead of buying material things, spending money on their health has made their life so much easier and they can achieve more on a daily basis.  Some people will have to spend more and work harder than others, as it is now estimated that the mistakes that we make and pass on in our genes to our children take 3 generations to correct.