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Why Does Our Hair Turn Grey?

Why does our hair turn  Grey, & what can we do to prevent it?

Every hair primarily starts off as white.  It is then coloured by a natural pigment called melanin. As it grows, the cells that produce melanin transfer the melanin to each Individual hair follicle, colouring each strand of hair. As we age, melanocyte activity slows down causing less pigment in the hair. Chances of going grey increase 10 % to 20 % every decade after 30.

Other Possible Causes

Stress- Study done on mice revealed that stress may deplete stem cells from the base of hair follicles, but there was no evidence that it affects colour

Thyroid disease or pituitary gland problems may instigate grey hair, affecting hair follicles, This may trigger conditions like alopecia (hair falls out) or vitiligo, causing patches of skin to be devoid of colour. Also Autoimmune disease- if your body is attacking your hair cells, you can go grey.

Vitamin deficiency – Vitamin B12 Being vegetarian or vegan, having Crohn’s Disease, making your body unable to absorb it, having had gastric bypass surgery, taking certain medications or birth control or anaemia may make you at greater risk of B12  deficiency.

Smoking– Nicotine is damaging to the hair & skin. This ages you prematurely and there is a link between premature aging and premature greying.

Lack of sun – Hair follicles have vitamin D in them, so without plenty of the sun your hair may start losing pigmentation. It’s getting sunlight on your skin regularly that matters not your hair, as your skin absorbs vitamin D from the skin.