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Winter Warming Foods

Best Winter Warming foods  for digestion & immunity

Butter and ghee: Provide a steady burn of energy to keep us warm.

Raw honey: heating and drying effect, which can clear mucus brought on by a cold or flu.

Ginger: keeps the immune system healthy and wards off infections.

Oatmeal: Find a certified gluten-free variety or try buckwheat oats.

Cinnamon: A delicious warming spice, keeps you balanced.

Chicken broth: Make your own organic chicken broth for health & immunity

Turmeric: Potent anti-inflammatory fights off winter colds. Consume in soup, curry warm spiced drink.

Sweet potatoes: Warming & grounding

Chili peppers: Very warming food . Add to any dish

Carrots: Winter staple. Cook carrots with a warming spice like ginger in stock to make a nourishing soup.

Asparagus: Eat steamed or roasted.

Cardamom: Delicious in curry dishes or homemade chai tea.

Cumin: Digestive tonic. Stokes digestive fire, stimulates production of  pancreatic enzymes. Dispels gas, improves digestion, reduces inflammation.

Beets: Roast spiced beets in butter, with goat’s cheese and nuts.

Tahini: purée of sesame seeds. Also use sesame oil for massage for self-massage for lymphatic movement during the winter.