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Your Eyesight & Sunlight

Your Eyesight & Sunlight

Nearsightedness (Myopia) is when close objects are clear but distant objects appear  blurry.

Near-sightedness is a very common occurrence especially in Asian countries where it effect up to 90 %of young adults.

It used to be thought that it was caused by reading in poor lighting and at a close distance but this idea has since been  refuted.

Recent research now shows near sightedness is  linked to time spent outdoors, both for children and adults. To protect your vision, you need regular exposure to bright sunlight.

It has been found that bright light exposure helps protect your eyes by stimulating the growth of key elements in the retina, and by increasing the functioning of antioxidants in the eye.

Alarmingly a British survey has found that 75% of British Children spend less time outside than prison inmates.

The Sun is the energy giver and without  it we would cease to  exist.  Clearly it is vital for our existence and optimal health.  So get your children outdoors!

Keep myopia away, go  outdoors and play!